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Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

According to research from Yale Medical University, the depletion of electrical energy from the body is the root cause of general unwellness. PEMF, or a pulsed electromagnetic field, is a donating source of energy that helps the body repair, regenerate, and rebuild naturally, enhancing the functionality of cells.

PEMF is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that can help you reach your body’s full potential. PEMF technology has been FDA approved for 25 years for bone healing, post-surgical pain and healing, pain and inflammation, knee pain and even depression.

Why Use Pulsed Magnetic Fields? 

  • Reduce pathogens and parasites –  by creating gentle micro currents of electricity it assists in cleansing the lymph of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens
  • Increase circulation – brings energizing oxygen-rich blood to areas targeted including vital organs, tissues & lymph.
  • Reduces pain – by increasing circulation to an area, inflammation is reduced.
  • Improves the immune system & detoxification – by targeting lymph nodes, it assists the lymph system in removing cellular waste.
  • Speeds healing – penetrates joints & bones helping to speed healing on many levels including bone fractures.
  • Ability to reduce tumors – anecdotal feedback suggests pulsed magnetic fields can help reduce tumor size.

Applying pulsed magnetic fields is simply a matter of holding a coil over the area of the body you want to target. The coil releases the magnetic field in pulses that then penetrates into the targeted area. Pulsed magnetic fields are invisible and barely perceptible if at all.



Cryo Sauna

Whole body cryotherapy, which essentially means "cold treatment," is a procedure that exposes the body to temperatures colder than negative 200 degrees F for two to four minutes. While it's been used to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis in Japan since the late 1970s, it's only been used in Western countries for the past few decades, primarily to alleviate muscle soreness for elite athletes, according to a 2015 paper in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

But now, it's being promoted by spas as a way to lose weight, improve skin, boost mood and more – despite the fact that it's not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and isn't intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease," according to Cryohealthcare, a company that makes cryotherapy equipment.

"Cryotherapy is well-established for treatment of athletic injuries," says Dr. Jon Schriner, the medical director of the Michigan Center for Athletic Medicine in Flushing, Michigan. "To carry it into weight loss and other benefits is not mainstream."




Localized Cryotherapy

The power of the CO2 micro-crystals at a temperature of -78°C, combined with the speed of the drop in temperature and the vibration created by the jet, generates a high-intensity reaction called: THERMAL SHOCK.

External receptors of the skin are not aware of NCS (NeuroCryoStimulation) signal where as they are normally programmed to react with traditional cold treatment techniques such as ice, sprays or forced air. Accordingly, the autonomic reflex response that forms the basis of the NCS treatment is completely different and a lot more powerful.

It aims to regulate localized homoeostasis by means of mechanical and enzymatic action. The effectiveness of treatment results is achieved due to the potency of analgesic and vasomotor effects, combined with a powerful antiinflammatory effect.


Infrared Sauna

Infrared heat saunas differ from traditional steam saunas in several important ways. One of the best features of infrared saunas is that they heat the body directly. A traditional sauna heats the ambient air first and then through heat exchange, heats the body. Infrared saunas directly heat the body so they do not feel as hot as a traditional sauna. Heat intolerant clients can usually use an infrared sauna because the ambient air is not excessively hot.

Infrared saunas are dry while traditional saunas are humid. Infrared heat is preferable for people with breathing issues or who do not like humid environments. The perception of heat in an infrared sauna is also less because of the lack of humidity (think dry heat!).



Himalayan salt cave

Halotherapy is an alternative treatment that involves breathing salty air. Some claim that it can help respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. Others suggest it can also:


Coming Soon!

Whole-Body Red Light Therapy Coming Soon!

Red Light Therapy (RLT) involves exposing the skin to low wavelength red light that penetrates deep into the skin cells where mitochondria absorb it to produce more adenosine triphosphate (the energy source for all cells). With this extra energy, the cells are able to respond better to damage and rejuvenate themselves. RLT is a completely natural process, which exposes the skin to unharmful levels of light with virtually no risk of side effects.

Per the journal of Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, RLT helps rejuvenate the skin by:

• increasing collagen production in the skin, which gives the skin its elasticity

• increasing fibroblast production, which helps produce collagen and other tissue fibers

• increasing circulation between blood and tissue cells

• protecting cells from damage

• increasing mRNA in the cells, which helps stimulate the cell

• improving facial texture

• reducing fine lines

• reducing wrinkle severity  

RLT, either alone or in combination with blue light therapy (as used at Island Wellness), can be an effective treatment for acne vulgaris. The light penetrates deep into the skin and affects sebum production while also reducing inflammation and irritation in the area.

Red light can be helpful in speeding up wound healing by:

• reducing inflammation in the cells

• stimulating new blood vessels to form, which doctors call angiogenesis

• increasing helpful fibroblasts in the skin

• increasing collagen production in the skin

The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy revealed that RLT improved hair density in people with alopecia.

The European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine indicates that RLT could effectively reduce pain in adults with different musculoskeletal disorders. 

The Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology indicates that RLT may help enhance bone recovery.

RLT has significant anti-inflammatory effects in the body. These effects are both local, where practitioners apply the light, and systemic, in other tissues and organs in the body. Researchers explain that the anti-inflammatory effects of RLT are abundant and may help with chronic inflammatory issues such as:

• Alzheimer's disease

• obesity

• type 2 diabetes

• alopecia areata

• autoimmune thyroiditis, or inflammation of the thyroid

• psoriasis

• arthritis

• tendinitis, or inflammation of the tendons

Red light therapy
Red light therapy

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Island Wellness Center Members can now rent our Ultrasonic Cavitation machine for only $20 per day.  Ultrasonic Cavitation is a simple, noninvasive weight-loss treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, which may result in lost inches on the treated areas and (ultimately) a slimmer figure.  Don't pay $250 for a simple harmless procedure.

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